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Do you wrestle with your weight and just can't stand lose weight? Then you'll be like many others. Chocolate Slim should finally melt the fat pads and help you to maintain a normal weight. Ingredients include green coffee beans, goji berries, acai berries, chia seed cocoa and ganoderma-lucidum extract. Does a practical reviews confirm the effect of Chocolate Slim or is there disappointed experience? Is it a fake? We introduce you to important key data about the product that promises you a weight loss of up to 12 kilograms in just one month.

How do you succeed in losing weight?

Hundreds of guides and even more articles deal with the question of what is the right method to lose weight. Some experts conservatively recommend a healthy diet and exercise, but again and again on the Internet supposed miracle cures appear, with which you can allegedly lose weight quickly, effectively and even sustainably. Some of these products you can order on account, others you can find on amazon, in the pharmacy, drugstore or even in the supermarket.
The manufacturer promises that Chocolate Slim will help you get rid of fat deposits your body doesn't need within a short period of time. In addition, the product is supposed to be effective against cellulite and reduce pimples and acne. A real all-rounder, huh? Does the drug work at all?
Products such as Vigrax, Zytax, Semenax, Nuvigra and Viaman are clearly aimed at men, while Chocolate Slim can be used by men and women because dissatisfaction with one's own body weight can affect all sexes.

At a glance: What is the manufacturer's promise?

If you are looking for a tool that might be able to help you with weight loss, you are primarily interested in the question: Does it really work? According to the manufacturer, Chocolate Slim can help you lose up to 12 kilograms in about a month. That would be a decrease of 3 kilos a week. For comparison: Most nutrition experts recommend a decrease of 0.5 to 1 kilogram per week.
On the website about Chocolate Slim you can see various User reviews and before and after pictures. Some websites, however, accuse the manufacturer of not being a real results, which has been achieved with exactly this product. The authenticity of these testimonials is also questioned by some critics.

Lose weight with cocoa? - This is the idea behind it

What's Chocolate Slim? The product website stresses that it is not a supplement. According to the official website, the product contains six ingredients that are supposed to influence your organism:

  • Green coffee beans

  • goji berries

  • acai berries

  • chia seed

  • cocoa

  • Extract from Ganoderma Lucidum

The ingredients should have different effects - green coffee, for example, should reduce your appetite and provide you with energy, which seems plausible in view of the caffeine it contains. Many of the ingredients are called superfoods because they are said to have various positive effects on your body. However, the concept of superfoods is controversial.
We couldn't find any concrete information on possible side effects from Chocolate Slim. The product website merely states that there are no contraindications for an application.

Buy chocolate slim and apply

You can purchase Chocolate Slim from the official looking website. This is a point of criticism that is taken up by various websites and the Hessen consumer advice centre: The Chocolate Slim website has no imprint, so that the operator of the homepage is not visible. According to one website, it is a Russian producer. Chocolate Slim is available as a powder, which you mix with a drink in the specified dosage.
The cost of Chocolate Slim is the most common criticism we came across in our research. For a relatively simple beverage powder, the costs are anything but cheap. A price comparison is made more difficult by the fact that a countdown is displayed on the product website: If we order within one day, we should get the product cheaper. In our opinion, this puts buyers under unnecessary pressure. Another problem is that the reduced price of 49 Euro is still very high.

Praise and criticism: How does the Internet express itself about the product?

The consumer center Hessen criticizes Chocolate Slim sharply and guesses: ?fingers away?.
A website introduces a review where a woman with Chocolate Slim is said not to have lost weight and seemed uncomfortable during the trial period with what disappeared after the taking ended. The tester replaced her usual breakfast daily with the shake.
In a forum a user calls the product "rip-off". On a website Chocolate Slim is described as ineffective and a lack of transparency is criticized: For example, the package size is not apparent and the promised weight loss of 10 kilos in four weeks is virtually impossible in purely mathematical terms.
In addition to all the criticism, there are also websites that are sympathetic to Chocolate Slim and seem to be convinced of the product.

Is there any scientific data on the drug?

On the product website, clinical trials were referred to in which the product is said to have proven itself. However, the consumer association Verbraucherzentrale Hessen writes that the successes at the lose weight and the advertised health benefits are not proven.
Chocolate Slim includes green coffee beans, which are a trend in the dietary supplement market. According to one health site, some small studies are supposed to prove that green coffee can influence weight loss. Whether Chocolate Slim contains a sufficiently high dose is unclear, however.

Chocolate Slim - really a miracle cure to lose weight?

Whether you can achieve real results with Chocolate Slim is doubtful after our research. However, some of the ingredients contained in Chocolate Slim also appear in other weight loss products. Dark chocolate is also said to help reduce appetite.
Some websites that give Chocolate Slim a good evaluation warn against forgeries. In the opinion of these authors, you should therefore only use the remedy via a special order page - if you want to try it at all in view of the other criticisms.

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