About Us

Medical Booksellers and Subscription Agents

We specialize in selling medical and veterinary books, journals and other media by post to customers throughout the world. We can establish credit facilities where required or payment can be made following pro-forma quotations using any of the major international credit cards, Eurocheques or by transfer to our U.K. Sterling or U.S. Dollar accounts.

Quotations for the supply of books, journals or other products can be supplied on demand and individual searches for specific items undertaken.

We maintain detailed records of all new and existing products on our databases which are available to customers in printed catalogue form, or as periodic newsletters. It is our intention to finally make all of these records available on the internet.

We frequently undertake special promotions on particular items offering significant price reductions and these are available to all customers world-wide. These items will normally be found on the What’s New internet pages but will also be featured in our newsletters and other mailings

SMTP books provide you trusted information. Our goal is to provide you with quality books on health.  We provide you with some of the best quality books which are on demand in the medical field. You can find a wide range of books on our website, and you can also order them online. We often provide various offers where you can purchase your book for a much cheaper price.

We provide medical books and journals which provides relevant information and accurate medical content. Internationally renowned writers and clinical researchers often approve the books on our website.

Our site provides you various journals and other educational articles on health. We deliver books related to health through a fast and reliable mail service. Our goal is to provide you with some of the best medical books in no time. We have customers all over the world, and all our books are delivered on time. The ones that are on stock will be delivered to you on time, and the books which are no in stock usually take a little more time. We have a secure online delivery system where you can receive your books wherever you are.